What is the Virtual Card?

OLSC Gauteng has traditionally supplied a physical membership card to our members. Physical cards are expensive to manufacture and is, effectively, a"one-use" mechanism to track member activity. Simply put, a physical card is encoded with your personal information only.

Virtual cards, however, are more flexible, cost efficient and can be used for multiple purposes e.g. tracking purchases for the purposes of loyalty offers.

The virtual card is dispensed via email and is stored on your mobile phone.

How will I receive my Virtual Card?

Once your membership has been paid for in full and confirmed, you will receive your virtual membership card via the email address that you have stated on your membership form.

  1. This email will be sent from "no-reply@passkit.net".

  2. The email will contain a link to your membership card.

  3. Click on the link

    1. Android users should open in the Google Pay app. Your phone will automatically prompt you to download this app if it is not yet installed.​ You can also log on to the Google Play store to download this app.

    2. iPhone users will automatically open in the Apple Wallet (icon below)

How do I use my card

Once your virtual card has been downloaded, you can present this to a committee member when you attend games as usual. You will be scanned in and your attendance is counted toward the end-of-season Anfield trip draw.

In future, we will use these virtual cards for loyalty and reward related programs. 

Kindly note: that physical cards will be printed on request. Physical cards cannot facilitate loyalty or rewards.