What is the Annual Anfield Trip Draw

In each season, OLSC Gauteng general management committee, sponsor two all-inclusive trips to Anfield stadium for current members of the OLSC Gauteng supporters club. The prize is awarded at the Annual General Meeting in May, using a lucky draw system.

What is included?

  • One match day ticket (sponsored by OLSC Gauteng)

  • One return, economy airfare ticket (for a reasonable route)

  • R2500 toward accommodation, VISA's etc.

  • **any expenses over and above the aforementioned three items are for the member's own account; including, but not limited to; food, entertainment, international LFC membership (required to apply for match day tickets), airport transfers, general transportation, merchandise etc. 

How do I qualify for the draw?

  1. You must be an active, current Premium member of OLSC Gauteng

  2. You must reside in Gauteng to qualify for match tickets

  3. You must attend officially designated OLSC Gauteng venues only, namely;

    • Ridgeway Racebar - Greestone (Johannesburg East)​

    • OTG Bar Kitchen - Paulshof (Johannesburg West)

    • Pearl Harbour Restaurant (Johannesburg North)

  4. The onus is on the individual member to register their attendance with the general committee on game day.

  5. Attendance may refer to match days at any official venue (listed above), social events/functions or the Annual General Meeting​

  6. Draw Types:

    • General Draw: must attend and register attendance at, at least, 5 (five) games, socials or AGM

    • ​50% Draw: must attend and register attendance at, at least 50% of games, socials or AGM, for the season in question​

    • Loyalty Draw: Members must attend and register their attendance at, at least, 65% of games at any of our officially designated branches only.​

What are the rules of draw?

  1. Annual membership fees must be paid for in full by 30 November in the year in which the competition starts. Each year (season) will be a new competition.

  2. The trip may not be transferred by an individual member and must be taken-up by the winner personally. Should the winner not be able to take the trip they should notify the General Management Committee at the draw.

  3. A file containing the details of those who are eligible for the trip will be available throughout the year.  The onus is on the members to check these during the year as NO queries will be handled on the night of the draw at the AGM.

  4. The draw for the trip takes place annually in May at the Annual General Meeting.

  5. Members, who qualify for the draw, who reside in Gauteng need to be present at the draw or send apologies 24Hrs in advance to claim their prize. Those outside Gauteng need to confirm participation by sending apologies 24hrs prior to draw

  6. The trip must be taken up before the end of the season following the draw or it will be forfeited.

  7. If the winner is at the draw and forfeits the trip, then a re-draw will take place immediately at the Annual General Meeting, with the remaining names in the draw.

  8. A member who qualifies in terms of the rules above may not be entered into the draw for three (3) consecutive seasons after having won either trip.

  9. Members who qualify for the 50% and Loyalty draw, will also be eligible for the General draw.

  10. No member may win either draw more than twice combined.

  11. Attendance runs from the start of the current season until the Annual General Meeting in May.

  12. Should a member attend a live LFC game, then they will be credited for it as a live game, if they have it confirmed to the membership coordinator